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ECO Product Rating™

Kura The World's ECO Product Rating™

Our ECO Product Rating™ is an Environmental Purchasing Policy based on our values of good for people and good for the planet. We believe that through better purchasing, consumers create a demand that dictates what manufacturers produce. It is through our monetary vote that we create change and through retailer transparency that we make empowered decisions. 

ECO Product Rating™ is a 10 point rating system. 5 points is categorized for People, and 5 points for Planet, creating a score out of 10. The criteria will change yearly as consumers and advocates demand better products that take into account both people and the planet. 

Our 2019 rating system is based on the following:


  1. Fair Wage for Workers, Working Less than 9 Hours/ Day, No Child Labour
  2. Air Quality, Factories have Naturally Ventilated Conditions
  3. Charitable Giveback for Purchase or Carbon Offset Program
  4. No Harmful Toxins Present in Finished Product that will knowingly Affect Human Health
  5. Vegan/ All Product Components had No Harm to Animals


  1. 80% of Product is Made of Recycled Material or Contains No Plastic (Internal, Not Considering Packaging)
  2. 80% of Product Made from Renewable Natural Ingredients/ Resources
  3. End of Life, 100% of Product Parts are Recyclable (does not contain soft plastic)
  4. GHG Emissions, Product comes from less than 7000 km/ 4350 miles away (Meaning Manufactured in North America)
  5. Outer Product Packaging is 100% Recyclable (does not contain plastic)

The overall Product score is based on how many of the 10 above criteria are met.

Our vision is for every retailer to adopt this rating system to ensure transparency for consumers to make empowered purchasing decisions.