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How to Live Stylishly Sustainable in a City?

by Danielle Knight June 12, 2018

How to Live Stylishly Sustainable in a City?

Living in a city is awesome! You have unlimited access to products and services with convenience at your fingertips. As a self proclaimed country girl, for good reason, I was born on a farm, grew up in a town of 200 people (for most of my life), and went to high school with the amish! it is ingrained in my DNA to love nature and ensure our environment is thriving with these dense urban landscape. My 15 year journey of living in a city has found me some HOT tips. I decided share with you, how to live your best Urban, Stylish and Sustainable life in any city...

1. Live Lean, Let's Get Close Baby!

You most likely moved to a city to enjoy the amenities and upbeat vibe of a city. But did you know, living in dense urban cities, in apartments, is considered to be more eco-friendly than the alternative of living in a single family home, due to the smaller physical size and resources needed to live. 

Fact - About 20% of the US population lives in apartments according the US Census data; whereas, Copenhagen, Denmark, considered the most eco-friendly city, boasts about 50% of their population live in apartments!

2. Thrive Personally and Hug that tree!

Getting nature breaks in any city is vitally important for mental health and well being. Taking it up a notch and working out in nature like going for a run in the forest or swimming in the oceanwill not only work your body but you will gain all of the benefits of nature.  

Outdoor air has more oxygen, which fires up your muscles and improves your metabolism. Also Vitamin D, through exposure to natural sunlight, Vitamin D optimizes our hormones, increases bone and teeth health and promotes general well-being.
Science has proven that taking in nature actually raises your serotonin levels and lowers cortisol (stress). That means that working out in nature can make you happier and less anxious. Working out outside triggers primal regions of the brain and stimulates the senses much more than exercising inside a gym.
Bonus - It’s FREE!

3. Become Waste Conscious!

  • The United States produces 33% of the world's solid waste, with 4.6% of the global population.
  • 80% of US products are used once and then thrown away!
  • 43% of dumped or burned municipal discards, by weight, consists of packaging and containers, or disposable products such as paper or plastic plates, cups, diapers, junk mail, trash bags, tissue paper and towels.

Living in a city provides you with amazing waste programs to capitalize on! First step is to find out what waste streams your city will pick up. Use all programs including: organics, plastics, mixed paper, soft plastics, cardboard. If your city doesn’t collect organics or soft plastics, there are always facilities you can take your waste & recycling and divert it. Collect and find out where you can take it. Research and do your part.

Why? - You diverting one year of organics will most likely save 300 lbs from ending up in the landfill (on average a person produces a pound of waste per day). 

4. Use Quality Versatile Products and Space Saving Furniture. 

Using multi use products not only saves you money, it is better for the environment. Eco-friendly furniture lends itself to better indoor air quality and are usually better quality than mass production. Other products like: reuseable water bottles, versatile towels, non-toxic beauty products and eco fashion provide you with better products, better quality of life and aid in a sustainable for people and the planet. 

Why? - Save money by buying quality long lasting products and save the environment by producing less waste. 

Inspiring Stylish Sustainability,

XO Danielle 

Danielle Knight the owner and founder of; she is walking the talk, living green and lean in downtown Vancouver, Canada. She lives on the 32nd floor with a foreground urban view and the ocean and mountains in the distance. 

She created to ensure that everyone living in cities has access to vetted, sustainable products that were not sacrificing style. Our mission is provide you with the BEST products that are Urban, Stylish and Sustainable to live your BEST life, in your city!

Danielle Knight
Danielle Knight

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